Go forth and spend!

How would you feel if we tell you that we’re going to pay you 10% of your paid OUTsurance premiums back in cash as a reward for remaining claim free? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

In fact, the notion of receiving cash back for not claiming was introduced by OUTsurance more than 14 years ago and since then it has become so popular that insurance clients have come to expect some sort of reward for not claiming.

The fact is that if you’re insured with OUTsurance and you remain claim free for a period of three successive years, we’ll pay 10% of your paid premiums back to you in cold, hard cash! If you’re still claim free two years after your first OUTbonus payout – you’ll receive yet another 10% and, from this point forward –you’ll receive 10% of your paid premiums back each and every claim-free year. So, ten claim-free years would mean seven OUTbonus payouts!

The only downside of this is that if you need to submit a claim, you’ll forfeit your OUTbonus payout. However, you’ll start a new OUTbonus cycle immediately after your claim has been processed and three claim-free years later – another payout will be coming your way!

How about getting even more OUT?

If you’re not insured with OUTsurance, what are you waiting for? Who knows, three years from today you may be out shopping for a new pair of designer jeans or new fishing gear! Then again, if you're a business owner, you may be treating your staff to a "free lunch" and chances are that you'll finally be able to upgrade from the usual year end "braai" to an “elaborate-no-expenses-spared" year end function!

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