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Why you’ll love our essential car insurance product.

If you feel that the cost of car insurance is too high considering the value of your vehicle, our essential car insurance product may just be the perfect fit. Essential car insurance offers accident, theft, hijacking and liability cover at a premium you can afford and the repairs process is completely under your control.

Enjoy cover outside Namibia

You will also enjoy cover in the following countries: South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Liability cover for up to N$1 million

If an accident is your fault and you are legally liable for damage to a third party’s vehicle, we’ll pay for damages up to a maximum of N$1 million – with no excess payable. 

You can specify maximum accidental cover up to 40% of the retail value of the vehicle

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident (or damaged because of fire, explosion, earthquake, snow, hail, flood or storm), we’ll pay out the value of the damage up to the maximum amount selected.  

You’re completely in charge of the repair process

Your claim will always be paid out in cash. We will deduct your excess (the first amount not covered) from the final payout amount. This amount is set at a default of N$1 000 which you can increase up to N$4 000 if you’d like. Not only does this leave you with cash in your pocket, but you’ll also be in complete charge of the repair process with a service provider of your choice.


The ins and outs of essential car insurance

The ins and outs of essential car insurance

If your vehicle is valued less than N$100 000, older than five years and not financed, then Essential car insurance could be the product for you. Essential car insurance gives you control to select the exact amount of accidental damage cover you'd like, with certain limits, depending on the vehicle. 

Go on, have a chat to one of our expert sales advisors and get essential cover to suit your needs and your pocket.


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