Build your perfect Business insurance package

No two businesses are the same so we believe that your business insurance should be flexible to accommodate your specific needs. Which is why we offer a variety of additional cover options in order for you to select the cover that’s right for you. These optional extras still come standard with the same great benefits as all our business insurance packages. 

One fixed excess amount

No matter the size of your claim, your excess amount remains fixed. You’ll only pay one excess amount even if you need to claim for multiple risks. 

Cash OUTbonus

After 3 claim-free years, we’ll give you a business OUTbonus. That’s 10% of your paid premiums back in cash to do with as you wish. 

Guaranteed premiums

All Business OUTsurance premiums are guaranteed for 12 months. Even if you submit a claim during this period, your premium amount will remain unchanged.

Employer’s liability cover

Ask a Business OUTsurance advisor about adding employer’s liability cover for damages you are legally liable to pay for following the accidental death, illness or bodily injury of an employee, which occurs during or in connection to this person’s employment with you.

Stock cover

Stock cover

Business OUTsurance will cover loss or damage to stock kept inside your building as a result of explosion, acts of nature, bursting geysers and water pipes, malicious intent, impact and fire. You can even cover your stock against theft, deterioration of refrigerated stock and subsidence. For complete peace-of-mind, get stock in-transit cover for loss or damage during transportation, including as a result of theft or third party carriers, even on trips outside of South Africa.

Money cover

Money cover

We understand that cash-flow is important to your business. Money cover insures your business against loss or damage of money during normal business hours. Including causes such as fire, explosion, acts of nature, bursting geysers and water pipes, theft or impact. You can even add cover for outside business hours and in-transit money.

Business interruption

Business interruption

Business interruption insurance covers financial losses you suffer when your business is unable to operate normally following a valid claim on your building, contents, electronic equipment or stock. You’ll have the option to cover financial losses relating to monthly fixed expenses payable, monthly operating profit because of a reduction in turnover or any additional working expense incurred.

Public liability cover

Public liability cover

We’ll cover the damages you’re legally liable to pay for following an incident which occurs during or in connection to the action of any member or employee of your business. Public liability covers your business in case of death, illness or bodily injury as well as accidental loss of or damage to the property of others. You also have the option to add defective workmanship and products, internal, external and trustees, as well as veldfires to your liability cover. Our qualified business advisors are available to answer any questions in depth. 


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