OUTstanding Car Insurance

Awesome car insurance products

Awesome Products

Even if you forget everything else, remember this - at OUTsurance, we’re on a mission to get you the most comprehensive, greatest car insurance package ever made!

We want to make sure that even if worse comes to worst – you’ll be properly covered! So, come bumper bashings, hail storms, or theft – you won’t need to worry about a thing!

Great Car Insurance Benefits

Impressive Benefits

At OUTsurance, we love giving you much more than what you bargained for! Here's the thing: if you want to insure your car with us, you’d better get used to the idea of roadside assistance,24 hours a day, 365 days of the year – absolutely free of charge! On top of this, we're going to give you a OUTbonus cash payout for remaining claim free - whether you like it or not !

Award-winning Service

Excellent Service

We realise that without you – we won’t exist! So, logically – we want to impress you in every way possible so that you won’t even think of insuring anywhere else! 

When it comes to claims stage – expect to be treated like royalty. We’ll babysit the entire repairs process from beginning to end to ensure that your claim will be processed in record time.

How long still before you change to OUTsurance? 

Don’t you think you’ve settled for second-rate products, mediocre service and shockingly high insurance premiums for long enough? 

We can’t wait to introduce you to our awesome range of products, low premiums and impressive list of benefits!

Get an online quote today and experience world-class insurance first hand!

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Car insurance products up for grabs!

Comprehensive Car Insurance

If truth be told, this car insurance package is our personal favourite. It’s easy to see why as it provides you with some pretty impressive insurance coverage: you’ll be insured against loss or damage that was caused by an act of nature (i.e earthquake, hail storm, flood), hijacking, smash and grab, theft, fire, accidental damage and damage caused intentionally by someone else. Obviously, we’ll also do our bit to make sure your properly covered in case of liability claims.

Limited Car Insurance

Limited Car Insurance

So, maybe you’re not one for bells and whistles. Maybe you prefer taking out an insurance product that takes care of the very basics? That’s fine by us – in fact, we believe you’re going to be quite impressed by our limited car insurance package. It takes care of any insurance claims for theft, hijacking and liability claims.

Liability to Other Parties

Liability to Other Parties

Nobody wants to be in a position where they can be held legally liable for causing injury to someone else or damage to their property . This is why we’ve designed an insurance package that takes care of just this. Give us a call today so that we can help you structure this cover around your specific insurance needs.

Essential Insurance

Essential Insurance

Essential Insurance is perfect for vehicles that are older than five years; not financed; and valued at less than N$70 000. You won’t need to pay an excess as we’ll deduct the first amount not payable from your final cash settlement amount. Read more.

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We’re on a mission to get you the best value-for-money insurance! Get a car insurance quote now and see how much you can save!

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Optional car insurance products

These optional products will complement your existing vehicle insurance package perfectly. 

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 Sound equipment

Make sure all your sound equipment, factory fitted and non-factory fitted are properly insured by adding this optional product to your existing car insurance package. Speak to one of our sales consultants today to get the best possible cover for your specific requirements.

 Non-standard accessories

This optional product allows you to specify accessories such as leather seats or tow bars that were not factory fitted .


If you travel to countries such as Angola, Lesotho, Kenya, or Tanzania, you’d definitely want to add OUT-in-Africa optional cover to your existing car insurance package. Read more.

 Car hire

This option comes highly recommended – that’s if you don’t want to be stuck without transport when your car is at the panel beater or after you’ve been a victim of theft or hijack.

 Business use in other countries

If you regularly travel to countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana or Mozambique on business, this product will see to it that you’re comprehensively insured. Also ask us about additional cover to more countries such as Kenya or Uganda.

 Vehicle credit shortfall

OUTsurance covers the difference between the insured value of your vehicle and the amount that you owe to the finance company. We’ll pay the outstanding amount to the finance company after a valid claim where you’re vehicle was stolen, hijacked, or written off.

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